Engineers in this field design, test, build, and operate machinery of all types; they also work on a variety of manufactured goods and certain kinds of structures.

The field is divided into :

(1) machinery, mechanisms, materials, hydraulics, and pneumatics; and

(2) heat as applied to engines, work and energy, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

The mechanical engineer, therefore, must be trained in mechanics, hydraulics, and thermodynamics and must be fully grounded in such subjects as metallurgy and machine design. Some mechanical engineers specialize in particular types of machines such as pumps or steam turbines. A mechanical engineer designs not only the machines that make products but the products themselves, and must design for both economy and efficiency. A typical example of the complexity of modern mechanical engineering is the design of an automobile, which entails not only the design of the engine that drives the car but also all its attendant accessories such as the steering and braking systems, the lighting system, the gearing by which the engine’s power is delivered to the wheels, the controls, and the body, including such details as the door latches and the type of seat upholstery.


Thermal lab:- Thermal lab is based on heat transformation.Here mainly the energy of boiled water is used to perform different tasks.Here we learn about various uses of thermal energy which are specificlly used in industries so that a good use of energy can be done.Various machines and equipments are avilable for studets to understand practically that how thermal energy can be used for its best efficiency in thermal lab.Some of the equipments of thermal lab are as:

Equipment:-Babcock and Wilcox box,Refrigeration and aircondition unit,centrifugal pump prosection unit,Enginecomponent

These Equipment are used for tillage and showing equipments to save time and for higher production.

Metrology lab:- Metrology lab is one of the most important lab for mechanical engineering.Here mechanical parts are measured and prepared for different objectives.Here are various machines to make new mechanical parts and to test their efficiency.Some of the metrology lab machines are as follows:

Torsion testing machine:- With the help of this machine we can test the tension of the metal from which the mechanical part is made.

Hardness testing machine:-This machine is used to test the hardness of metal from which we are making parts of mechanical.

Profile projector:-This machine is used to check the projection of the mechanical part which determines the quality and efficeincy of the mechanical part.

Universal testing machine:-Universal machine is used to test the various qualities of material,which may be toughness,stuffness,torsion,tension and hardness.

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